We will process your input data to calculate the tax liability under current legislation, we will prepare and file your tax return for the following types of taxes:

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Personal and Corporate Income Tax
  • Vehicle Tax
  • Real Estate Tax


We focus mainly on the double-entry bookkeeping according to Slovak legislation. However, we have also specialits available for preparing financial statements under IFRS.

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • The preparation of the annual financial statements under Slovak legislation
  • The preparation of consolidated financial statements under IFRS
  • Define accounting methodology for your business and implement internal procedures in this area
  • Control of your accounting processes and identification of problematic areas, in case you have own accounting team
  • Training of your accounting team according to specified requirements
  • Payroll agenda – maintaining employees personnel files, payroll calculation, the preparation of reports for health care and social insurance institutions and tax authorities.

Other services

These services are focused on financial management area. We have experience with these activities in various international companies operating in various industry sectors:

  • Design the structure of financial management reports and define their interlink with accounting and other sources of data
  • The preparation of management reports on a regular basis
  • The preparation of financial plans and their variance analysis with actual performance
  • Advisory services related to set up of internal control system